Welcome to Motherlife

Motherhood, whether of children, students, an idea, a piece of land, animals, plants, a river, a lake, the vulnerable, or the elderly, moves us to watch and hold life with great care, attention, and compassion. To expand the body, mind, and heart to make room for change.

It can be uncomfortable.

The trick is to expand without breaking–to become pliant, flexible, and more simple.

Motherlife uses language, poetry and short essays, to explore uncomfortable questions about the body, the earth, change, and love. How do I love a changing body? How can I live on the earth’s changing body? How do I nurture old and new life on this earth? And with life comes questions about death. Ultimately, I think these questions are about what it means to Love ourselves, others, and the earth that holds us from birth to death.

So why are com’posts’ on the menu alongside poetry and essays? Composting grounds me in what is simple and true about existence—that we live and breathe as a result of the death of stars and the life of the soil. There could not be two more intimately related ways of participating in uncomfortable questions about life, death, and transformation. Compost is both earthy and mysterious, mindful and loving, hard work and no work. Comopst and language dance around each other on these pages.

I’ve mothered many compost piles over the years, and they have given me the beginnings of a language for healing myself and the soil. I want to share that with as many people as possible.

This blog is messy, like years of leftovers piled high on a kitchen counter. If I do not throw them away, but rather pay attention to them, compost them, then after a while the separate parts become something different. They transform, expand, and come alive. 

If I gather up these words and let them compost long enough, perhaps they will be like that, too.

What I do today



Paddle board in summer

Cross country ski in winter



Sail (well, learning to)

What I have done

Copywriter for Michigan State University
(2018 – 2022)
Wrote both original and copy journal articles, newsletters, and features covering all departments in the College of Natural Science. Interviewed upcoming and seasoned scientists and chose media for online coverage of their internationally recognized and cutting-edge research, including biochemistry and molecular biology, integrative biology, earth and environmental sciences, physiology, and genomics.

Owner and baker for Sanctuary Pizza
Made and grilled sourdough pizza using organic flour and local ingredients to sell at farmer’s markets in Lansing and East Lansing.

Graduate Student and Research Associate at the Ohio State University
Studied organic farmers and developed web-based tools to assist their weed management systems.

Farm hand at Shepherd’s Corner in Ohio and S&S Homestead on Lopez Island, WA

Volunteer youth minister and in-home caregiver, Adderbury, UK and Seattle, WA

Basketball player and student, University of San Francisco